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Who is CareScout? 

CareScout helps older adults and their families navigate the aging journey and find quality care. Through our CareScout Quality Network, a group of long-term care providers committed to delivering person-centered care, we’re reframing quality as not just safety, but an experience that is dignified, connected, and fulfilling. At, we’ll be sharing aging care options and provide resources, education, and human support in one unified experience. 

What is the relationship between CareScout and Genworth? 

CareScout, LLC, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Genworth Financial, Inc., and an affiliate of Genworth Life Insurance Company whose long-term care insurance policyholders will be the first group of users of the CareScout Quality Network. 

What is the CareScout Quality Network? 

The CareScout Quality Network includes home care service, assisted living, nursing facility, and adult day care providers certified by CareScout for quality by meeting not just safety standards, but also person-centered care principles. These providers offer special pricing for CareScout members and receive a quality-related badge to distinguish them to people seeking care.   

Why join the CareScout Quality Network? 

As a part of the CareScout Quality Network, you can: 

  • Connect with care seekers – More than 1 million long-term care insurance policyholders have access to CareScout. 

  • Be recognized for quality care – You’ll join a curated group of providers who are known for quality and commitment to person-centered care.    

  • Strengthen your person-centered care practices – Your entire team will get access to free CE-credit courses aligned to person-centered care with modules for administrators, clinicians, and caregivers.  

What is person-centered care? 

Person-centered care looks beyond safety to also integrate a person's values, preferences, and goals into the care they receive. It creates a partnership between caregiver and care recipient that addresses the physical, mental, spiritual, and social elements of a person's health.  

How does CareScout ensure providers meet quality standards? 

All providers in the CareScout Quality Network go through a rigorous process to ensure they reach our quality standards. These include:  

  • Up-to-date credentials, including licensure and insurance  

  • On-site or virtual survey of business practices, staffing and retention, training, and policies and procedures 

  • Demonstration of financial health 

  • Center for Medicare and Medicaid stars (if applicable)   

Once a provider joins the Quality Network, we begin to measure the provider’s person-centered care (PCC) practices through our person-centered care surveys of both clients and staff. We also track their Net Promoter Score, which measures the loyalty of customers to the company. 

How is CareScout different from other companies that offer a directory of long-term care providers? 

Our goal is to create a movement around person-centered care. That means elevating providers who demonstrate person-centered care practices and helping older adults and their care circle find and enjoy person-centered care. When our provider search tool launches at, it will include robust online profiles that give care seekers direct access to contact you without any forms or salespeople. As a provider in the CareScout Quality Network, you will get a quality-related badge, elevating you to customers who are looking for care. 

How do I know if I’m a provider who would be a good fit for the Quality Network? 

We are looking to partner with quality long-term care providers who are committed to person-centered care and are willing to offer preferred pricing. You might be a good fit if you can answer yes to these questions: 

  1. Are you a long-term care provider who prioritizes person-centered care practices and wants to get recognized for providing quality care? 

  2. Will you allow CareScout to survey your clients and staff annually to measure your person-centered care climate? 

  3. Are you willing to offer preferred pricing to CareScout members? 

I’ve worked with CareScout before. Does that mean I’m already a part of the CareScout Quality Network? 

CareScout has existed as a company for over a decade, but it is now expanding to encompass a much broader vision and platform. In the past, CareScout provided long-term care assessments (to determine a care recipient’s specific needs and level of care) and care advocacy (to support families in finding the care they need). CareScout continues to offer those services, but now offers even more. Today’s CareScout is looking to make a much broader impact on long-term care, changing how people find and choose quality long-term care, and how long-term care providers get measured and recognized for providing quality, person-centered care.   

Is there a subscription fee to be a Quality Network member? 

There’s no up-front cost or subscription fee to join our Quality Network. You will need to offer a discount to CareScout members, but we feel confident that you’ll discover the total package of benefits will far outweigh the cost of the discount provided.    

Does CareScout guarantee monthly volume? 

While CareScout does not guarantee monthly volume, your participation in the network means that over 1 million Genworth long-term care insurance policy holders will have access to you and your services, and we expect to serve additional long-term care seekers over time.

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