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We're reframing the aging care experience

At CareScout, our goal is to simplify and dignify the aging experience — and to start a movement around person-centered care.

Person-centered care looks beyond safety to also integrate a person's values, preferences, and goals into the care they receive. We believe that person-centered care is the future of long-term care – and we’re building a network of long-term care providers who practice its core principles.

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Our Quality Network is leading the way

The CareScout Quality Network is comprised of home care service providers, and we anticipate expanding to assisted living, nursing, and adult day care providers in the near future. We personally certify all providers as meeting key quality and person-centered care standards. These providers offer special pricing for CareScout members. And CareScout helps them get better recognized for quality care.

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We’ll help care seekers find quality care

More than 1.1 million Genworth long-term care insurance policyholders will be the first group to access the CareScout Quality Network. And that’s just the start. We plan to continue to grow access to the CareScout Quality Network — to other long-term care insurance carriers, direct to care seekers, and more.

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Resources for Long-Term Care Industry Leaders

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And we'll continue to expand our resources for care seekers

In the future, we’ll be launching an expanded care seeker website to more seamlessly connect care seekers with providers in our Quality Network. With detailed provider profiles and filtered searches for specific needs, this go-to marketplace will bring together long-term care options, education, and human support into one easy-to-navigate space. Stay tuned.