Infographic: Long-Term Care Needs a Better Measure of Quality

Key Findings from our survey conducted from September-October 2023, "Shaping the Future of Long-Term Care: What Really Matters"

We asked business leaders within 100 long-term care provider organizations about the current state of quality measures, plans for the future, and the role person-centered care (PCC) could play.

Their responses show long-term care providers want change.

View the infographic below, and read the full story about our provider survey.

Providers agree: Quality care includes person-centered care.


said they believe the long-term care industry needs a better standard for measuring quality.


believe that standards for assessing quality in long-term care should include PCC measures.

Person-centered care is important, but staffing is still top of mind.

When asked to name the most critical factors toward building success (checking all that apply), providers ranked PCC below employee hiring and retention but above managing costs.

18% Customer Growth

24% Managing Care

20% Employee Training

54% Employee Hiring

36% Person-Centered Care

Person-centered care is in demand

When asked which aspects of joining a quality, person- centered care provider network appealed most, training or related support for person-centered care practices topped the list.

26% Access to 1 Million Policyholders

41% Quality Care Certification

69% Training

21% Premium Online Product

6% Other Motivator

Person-centered care is here to stay.


said person-centered care is important or very important within their organization.

It's not about money.

It's about staffing.

Retention was mentioned most when providers were asked to name their biggest workforce challenges.


said employee retention.


said employee training.

Staffing was mentioned most when providers were asked to name the most important initative they were working on or planned to over the next 12-24 months.

Customers ask about cost and quality.

When potential customers asked about their services, providers said

34% are more concerned about quality compared to

26% for cost; with

40% equally concerned about both.

Help Shape the Future of Quality

Even we at CareScout were surprised at how widespread the beliefs are that long-term care needs to change and that person-centered care points the way. Join us in leading the charge. Learn more about becoming a provider in the CareScout Quality Network.